Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Natalie Welch of Definitive Design

Natalie Welch is a Utah-based interior designer who is also a regular DownEast Home shopper. We recently talked to her about her work, her favorite design trends and one of her most recent design projects - a beautiful Craftsman style home that was part of the 2014 St. George Area Parade of Homes. Natalie used DownEast Home furnishings in many of its rooms.

Designer Spotlight - Natalie Welch Collage.jpg

DownEast Home furnishings in a St. George Area Parade of Homes house decorated by Natalie Welch of Definitive Design


Read on for our interview with Natalie and to find out what she likes about DownEast:

Please tell us the name of your design business and a little about your services.

Definitive Design is a full-service interior design company based in Southern Utah. Our projects vary from new construction, renovation and commercial, to turnkey. Because we’re a small design firm, we are able to remain flexible and accommodating to our clients. We’re especially committed to fulfilling client expectations through inspired design and collaboration, and we work closely as a team with local craftsmen and subcontractors on a regular basis. From interior design to renovation, we have professionals to ensure impeccable quality at every step in the process.

As an interior designer, what are your style preferences? What current trends in home design do you especially like right now?

As a designer, I tend to like and appreciate many different styles. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of design and decor including Craftsman, Tuscan, Southwestern and Southern Country. My personal preference is something along the lines of contempo-traditional. Right now I’m loving gray walls, marble tile, white trim, lots of white cabinets and bright pops of color to warm up the space.

Can you share details on your recent design project that was part of the St. George Area Parade of Homes?

My latest project was a Craftsman style home incorporating the contempo-traditional look. This home was built for the 2014 St. George Area Parade of Homes. I designed and decorated it from top to bottom. A large amount of our furnishings was provided by DownEast Home. Almost every room in the home incorporated a piece or two from DownEast, in fact.

What drew you to DownEast as a place to shop for interior design projects?

I live and do most of my work in Southern Utah and there aren’t a lot of furniture stores here that offer great, in-style furniture that you can buy right away or receive within a week or so. Most stores have you waiting eight-plus weeks to get your furniture. I love that DownEast can get the product to me fast. I’m always able to either walk away with a piece that same day or have it coming to me on a truck just a short time later. As a designer who has multiple jobs going and deadlines to meet - I need that convenience!

What else do you like about the DownEast Home shopping experience?

When I shop at DownEast, the manager and employees are always eager to help and can guide me to what I’m looking for. If they don't have it on the floor, they’ll check in the back and if it’s not in the back they will find something they can have ordered for me and delivered usually by the following Friday. The customer service is always great and I love the convenience of getting orders fast! Time is money these days.

Where can our blog readers find out more about you and your services?  

You can find out more about my company on the Definitive Design Facebook page.

And there you have it! Thanks for being our guest, Natalie, and for shopping with us!

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